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Monday, August 4, 2008

Will McCain wait to announce VP

It looks like it ....from Politico:

'John McCain's extended circle is divided on whether he should announce his running mate in the immediate days ahead-but the Republican is more likely to wait for Barack Obama to announce his choice first, according to advisers. ... By waiting to make a major announcement in the window after Obama's much-anticipated acceptance speech August 28 at Invesco Field and before he receives his party's nomination the following week, for example, McCain would be able to quickly shift the focus of the race following the Democratic convention. ...'Further, these advisers say, by waiting until the end of the month he could also gauge his pick based both on who Obama selects and what the contours of the race appear to be just two months out from Election Day. ... To immediately step on Obama's convention coverage, McCain could hold an event on Friday the 29, the day after the Democrat's acceptance speech.

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