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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why Randy Forbes is the best person to Represent the 4th District - Part 1 "The Economy"

While economists and politicians look at stock prices, interest rates, money supply, and consumer confidence for measurements of our economic outlook, for most of us these measurements are widely irrelevant in our everyday lives. People cannot eat GDP, fill their gas tanks with the interest rate, clothe their families with stock prices, or pay college tuition bills with the unemployment rate. Everyday circumstances are what shape our personal economic outlook. They are the price of gas, the total in our savings account, the medical bill in the mail, the credit card balance waiting to be paid, and the tax assessment on the kitchen counter. These are the indicators the federal government needs to be concerned about to get our economy back on track.”

- Congressman Randy Forbes

The above quote is an example of why I like liveing in the 4th District...Congressman Forbes is for real solutions for real people..we need more of that in Congress

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