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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OUCH....Clintonistas Howard Wolfson & Paul Begala slam Mark Warner's keynote speech at DNC

Posted by MAXIMUS

The growing pains of the new Democratic Leadership apparatus is becoming more apparent. There is a huge fight for the heart and soul of the National Democratic Party.

The old guard, led by the Clinton machine, is not going quietly into the night. The new guard, led by Barack Hussein Obama and Mark Warner (among others) are not backing down.

Here is what I am telling you: The jockeying and speaker order at tonight's DNC Convention for the various speeches show that the Clinton's were none to happy about Mark Warner being selected as key note speaker. You see, the Clinton's are losing their grip on the National Party apparatus and they are not happy. They woke up too late during the sure thing Presidential primary to be able to beat Obama to the nomination. Obama was basically running on Mark Warner's political plan for President, albeit with a few modifications. Once Warner dropped out of the Presidential race to focus on the Virginia Senate seat, the anti Clinton folks needed a candidate to rally around. Tim Kaine, Mark Warner's Virginia protege, was first to line up behind Obama. Coincidence there? Tim Kaine served as Mark Warner's proxy in support of Obama in the whole Democratic Presidential Primary Contest.

So, the Clintons were beaten, check that, ambushed by the Obama/Warner/Kaine team. Hillary was not selected as Obama's Vice Presidential candidate because these folks, representing opposite wings of the Democratic Party, ARE engaged in mortal combat for control of the Democratic Party. Folks, the Warner and Kaine teams have been heavily and hugely involved with the Obama Presidential Efforts from the start. The Clinton's are still red faced pissed off and fighting mad at Warner and crew.

Obama let Mark Warner deliver the Keynote Address at this year's DNC Convention, the same 2008 Convention that was held to nominate a Democratic candidate for President. This is a typical launching pad for the NEXT Democratic rising star. Obama passed the baton to Warner as a thank you for Warner/Kaine's efforts in support of his successful Presidential nomination. The problem? During the keynote address in front of the DNC, Warner could not go partisan against John McCain because one out of every nine people in Virginia (where Warner is running for Senator this year) is a veteran. McCain is to Veterans as Pope John Paul II is to Catholics. Mark Warner couldn't give the red meat speech against John McCain or Republicans in general. That is not his style and it would have killed his Senate race in Virginia...he can't be seen as aligning himself too closely with Obama else he ticks off the Virginia Veteran community. Sure, Warner can and does play hardball behind the scenes against his political opponents (Democrat and Republican), but he will not do it on a national stage espicially when he is running in Virginia--where McCain is hugely popular with Veterans who reflexively vote for the GOP.

So, the Clinton folks, sensing that Obama prefers Warner as the future of the Democratic Party over them, are out for blood against Warner/Kaine/Obama. Some of it they have to keep low. Some of it they can deliver through their surrogates. With all of that in mind, read what Howard Wolfson (Hillary's campaign hit man and a Clinton loyalist from way back) said regarding Mark Warner's keynote speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention: "The best part about Mark Warner's speech was that is was short."

And then there's this from Paul Begala, a Clinton operative from Texas who was an integral player/operative on all of Bill Clinton's Presidential campaigns: "Mark Warner wasn't talking to the Chamber of Commerce in Richmond, VA." Begala is now a resident of Mclean, VA.

So, in order to wrest the spotlight from Mark Warner as the keynote speaker at tonight's DNC, the Clinton people are out there bad mouthing him on network television and print media. The Clinton people, even in defeat, are doing everything they can to destroy the future seeds of success that Obama is trying to plant within the Democratic Party in an effort to position Hillary as the Presidential nominee in the future should Obama fail to win the White House this year. The Clinton operatives wanted Tuesday night's DNC Convention to be about Hillary's position in the future, not Mark Warner's. So, in essence, Hillary Clinton gave the keynote speech at tonight's DNC and she supplanting Mark Warner as Obama's hand picked keynote speaker. Did she ask for permission? Nope, but the Clinton's make things about themselves first, second, and third. Hillary gave a speech that was all about her. Mark Warner gave a speech talking about the future and new age policy positions--what the MSM lovingly refers to as post partisan politics. Team Clinton, Hillary in particular, refuses to go quietly into the night. The Clinton team is trying to establish that the future of the DNC does not belong to Mark Warner or team Obama--even though Warner helped to wrest control of the Democratic party from the Clinton's while delivering it to Obama.

The Clinton's are out for blood against Mark Warner, now and in the future. Warner isn't shying away from the fight, read this from his speech tonight:

"As Governor of Virginia, it was humbling to occupy a position that was once held by Thomas Jefferson. Almost as daunting as delivering the keynote speech four years after Barack Obama... Or speaking before Hillary Clinton.

Towards the end of his life, Thomas Jefferson - the founder of our party - wrote one of his frequent letters to his old rival, John Adams. He complained about the aches of getting old, but what was on his mind was what life would be like for the next generation of Americans. As Jefferson was ready to go to sleep, he closed his letter by writing: "I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past."

Jefferson got it right at the dawn of the 19th century, and it's our challenge to get it right at the dawn of the 21st. This race is all about the future. That's why we must elect Barack Obama as our next President. Because the race for the future will be won when old partisanship gives way to new ideas. When we put solutions over stalemates, and when hope replaces fear."

Tonight, Mark Warner compared himself to Thomas Jefferson while comparing Hillary Clinton to John Adams. This is rich folks. Warner has already schooled the Clinton's by helping Obama to get the nomination. In 2008, I never would have believed that Hillary, the modern day John Adams, would join Conservative Republicans in working to elect John McCain President of the United States. Cleary, this is the case. Enjoy the show.

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Anonymous said...

It will be bhard to make the case for such connections. In fact, Warner was seen and heard more often speaking with the Clinton campaign during the early parts of the Primary and not Obama's. To say that Warner and Obama's platform are similar is just flat out wrong. Warner like many real Southern Democrats are moderate on issues than Obama, Kennedy, Reid, Pelosi crowd. Warner is not highly favored by and other liberal machines either. He is a true moderate. He comes from a different mold than those at the National level and is more like Bill Clinton was in 1992 than he ever could be characterized as an Obama. He is not even Obama-lite. Republicans like myself in Virginia find it very easy to support Warner and probably will again in the Fall over Jim Gilmore, largely because like many of the pro-choice Republicans that are also strong advocates for gun ownership will find a home once again with Warner. The moderate or centrists in Virginia will support Warner where the far right social conservatives will go for Gilmore. The discussion on Warner/Gilmore must be over "fiscal conservativism" if Gilmore is to get within striking distance. The only way for the middle; which is who Warner and true southern Democrats are going after, is to stress fiscal policy including spending.
As a Virginian, whether one is Republican or Democrat, mark Warner represented the majority of Virginians on the stage last night. The battle is for the middle and the State GOP failed to recognize it for had they Tom Davis would have been the nominee and the race would be much much tighter.
Look at Warner's policy on energy, environmental (authorized the Wise plant as Governor), business & more like Republicans than his brethern over at Raising Kaine and the whacko leftists of the Democratic Party. There is very little similar between Obama and Warner ideology friend, the only thing they have really in common is the Party affliation.