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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Obama's visit Europe ends with War

Posted by MAXIMUS

What does the U.S. President do and what is he responsible for? Among other things, the President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and he is responsible for appointing the Secretary of State to peacefully handle issues between nations to ward off armed conflict.

As you know, Barack Hussein Obama visited Eurpoe a few weeks ago on his worldwide ambition tour. For the purposes of parameter definition, Eurpore runs from the shores of the Atlantic to the Caucasus Mountain range in Western Russia. Russia is now bombing fellow Europeans in Ossetia--a breakaway region of the soverign nation of Georgia which is located just below Russia. Georgia is a former Soviet Republic that received her independence after the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union.

The Russians got a close look at Obama during the European stage of his worldwide ambition tour. Their reaction? The Russians bomb the airfields of Georgia and send in columns of tanks and APC's to kill 2,000 innocent civilians in and around Ossetia. For the sake of the world, I hope Obama stays out of Europe for the remainder of the Presidential campaign. The Russians clearly see Obama as a weak neophyte on foreign affairs--clearly, the Russians aren't worried about the response of the United States under an Obama Administration.

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