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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

Who is Max Headroom? Who is Mitt Romney?

The Max Headroom Show 1985-1986,
The Mitt Romney Show, 2007-2008,

The Max Headroom character originated in 1985-86 as an announcer for a music video programme on the British television channel, Channel 4, called The Max Headroom Show. The intent was to portray a futuristic computer-generated character. Max Headroom appeared as a stylized head on TV against harsh primary color rotating-line backgrounds, and he became well known for his jerky techno-stuttering speech, wisecracks, and puns ("Like they say when you're buying suppositories, 'With friends like that, who needs enemas?'"). The Original Max Talking Headroom Show was made by Cinemax in 1987. The [Mitt Romney] character presents a dystopic look at a run-down near-future dominated by television and large corporations. Courtesy of Wikipedia:
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Who is Mitt Romney? See above. Who else is Mitt Romney? NOT VP material for John McCain. Romney is the antithesis of McCain, not complementary to him.


alteroffreedom said...

Dude. Your killing me. Mitt Romney was my guy in the Primary until he pulled out. Lets face it, McCain in his own admissions needs quality economic guidance and who better than having at least one guy upwho as actually run a business, employed Americans, and actaully saved a situation in crisis (olympics)....UMM McCain nope, Biden of course not and Obama absolutely not. We need to stop nominating career politicians whose sole being and life is politics. It never works out for America. Our success stories are those that entered civil service after other careers. Ie Ronald Reagan as an example.
I do not think Mitt will get it but he deserves it based on our current crisis. If you have ever heard him speak and not sound bites about the economy the guy schools people like Meg Whitman for gods sake. Did not he work in a bipartisan manner in MA like McCain as done in Congress. is that not the focus that should be looked at. He has put the interests of the electorate above Party politics just as Mccain contends he has. Did Reagan agree with Bush on all the issues in 1980? No. Were they real rivals? Yes. Did they succeed and complement each other? Yes.
I think you are discounting Romney too much but hopefully he will get a spot in the administration.
For me the campaign seems ready to move forward with KB Hutchison from TX, which could be a great strategic selection.

ccMAXIMUS said...


Well said. However, stop avoiding the implied question of the post....Does Mitt Romney remind you of Max Headroom (putting Qualifications aside for a minute).

Yes or no is all I am looking for.

alterofreedom said...

I am refining my position---maybe!Okay stop pulling my arm; Yes.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

Max Headroom......nice post Max....