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Monday, August 11, 2008

Look Mom, My Picture's in the paper

Looking past the super bad picture of my big ol' Melon head at the top and the “excerpt” that looks as if I have given Mrs. Obama an endorsing-like compliment, and who knows maybe I did (not); I found the Times Dispatch Forum that I participated in Monday August 4th and that was published in this Sunday’s addition of the paper to be a great experience on many fronts. As I wrote earlier, the subject matter did dictate a civility in the debate that a debate of the husbands would probably not warranted (I have way stronger feelings about Mr. Obama than of his wife to be sure) but it was a good forum none-the-less. I was also happy that the RTD did not, at least in an obvious way, look to distort anyone’s statements for “shock” effect and played it pretty much down the middle with the Obamaton fans, neutrals and McCainiacs in attendance. With that being said, it did teach me, since I listened to the playback of the forum (it was recorded), to always keep the context of your comments in public very clear, simple and to the point so as to try and avoid the “intent” of your comments getting in the way of what you actually said (make sure they are the same and flying off the handle and saying things you’ll regret later)….something to always keep in mind when speaking in public... Although you’ll miss my portrait on the online version of the story (lucky you) here is the link.

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