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Friday, August 1, 2008

Is this really good use of funds and dues paid to the US Chamber of Commerce?


'Roughly 100 employees of the business association ran up an $8,204 tab this week at The Exchange, a sports bar just blocks away from its prime real estate opposite the White House. The party was to celebrate the end of the 'Chamber Bowl,' the association's internal softball tournament. It was certainly not a victory for the Chamber's top brass. ...Chamber COO David Chavern sent out an email chiding the partiers for their spending spree....Fundamentally, this shows a lack of responsibility on a number of people's part including Chamber personnel and management at The Exchange,' Chavern wrote in an e-mail to more 50 employees, including softball players and top managers. 'I will have to reevaluate a post-Chamber Bowl celebration next year.' ...Chavern detailed where the money went: One-hundred-and-fifty-five pitchers of beer, 37 bottles of beer, 208 mixed drinks, 111 shots, 43 margaritas and 11 open bottles of liquor. ...Sources who attended the party described it as something akin to a Cancun booze cruise. They reported that drinkers ordered multiple pitchers of vodka and Red Bull and full bottles that they drunkenly left behind at the end of the night.

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