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Friday, August 8, 2008

Excuse me, how can you flee from your spouse when you can't be married in the first place?

From the NY DailyNewws: The gay father who fled with his son to Israel after a bitter year-long custody fight insisted Thursday their clandestine trip was done to protect the boy...."I left because Jed was the one who was suffering," Eric Hyett told the Daily News in a call from Tel Aviv, where 23-month-old Jedidiah was audible in the background....Hyett, 37, bolted with the child on Sunday after a year of ugly sparring with his estranged spouse over custody. According to Hyett, the two men last spoke nearly a year ago, and his ex-partner Joshua Glazer ignored 200 messages about the deteriorating situation since then.... Hyett, in an e-mail to Glazer before the abduction, called him "a TERRIBLE co-parent" who inflicted "emotional neglect/abuse" on their son....Both parents said stay-at-home dad Glazer, 29, received temporary full custody of Jedidiah on Wednesday - although the decision is currently moot, since the boy is with Hyett in Israel....Hyett said Glazer, despite his legal efforts and public complaints, never bothered to pick up a phone and call Jedidiah since they left....Hyett said he passed along a cell phone number to Glazer to facilitate contact with Jedidiah. The NYPD has reached Hyett via the cell phone, and the fugitive father says he's notified the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and the State Department of his location.

Wow, I think this kid needs to be taken away from both these guys and not be used as a pawn...that would be in the childs best interest no being carded off to Israel.

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