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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Early Report on Obama's visit to Chester, VA

Posted by MAXIMUS

Folks are arriving early....lots of Chesterfield's finest are on the premises. The curiously odd thing here is this: Guests are required to arrive early, not surprising due to security checks, etc...but of the vehicles in the parking lot (about 150 so far), close to 100 of them have windshield decals that identify the vehicles as being from the City of Richmond or Henrico County. Some of the vehicles don't have stickers, so its hard to tell what locality they are from.

But, I will say this: Why are Obama and Tim Kaine having an event in the heart of Republican Country in Virginia when the majority of attendees are from heavily Democratic jurisdictions? Seems that Obama and Kaine are going for a falsely designed message of contrived support. Instead of holding today's rally in heavily Republican Chester and busing in Democrats from 40 miles away, why didn't they just hold today's event in the City of Richmond where the Democrats didn't have to drive as far to attend?

So far, close to 70% of the attendees at the Obama Rally at John Tyler Community College in Chester, VA are not even from Chesterfield County, but they are from Richmond, Henrico, and Petersburg--Democratic jurisdictions all. Curious, but clearly in having today's event in Chester, Obama is trying to show a false round of support in a Republican area by primarily stocking the event with Democrats from other localities. Net, net: false show of support in a 65% Republican area.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

Having Obama appear in traditionally strong Republican areas is a sound strategy, even if they have to bus people in. The appearance shows that his campaign is not willing to concede the traditionally Republican areas.

They know that their candidate has nothing to say of substance, so appearance is everything.

While most informed citizens see right through this sort of phony, the strategy of creating an illusion through television has proved to be effective here in Virginia.

This is how a rich lawyer with a wife who won't even share a last name with her husband, Mark Warner, was elected in Virginia. Do you recall all of those patronizing ads describing Warner as, "A good ol' boy from Novaville" and those patently false, "Sportsmen for Warner" signs? They worked; the Virginians were fooled in the race for Governor. It remains to be seen if Warner-Colis will fool our People again.

Obama and his "Changelings" are using the same play book.

Riley said...

More likely this event is being held there because it is John Tyler Community College, the last Virginian elected to the Vice Presidency.

Jayne said...

Since neither Chesterfield County nor Richmond City uses those car decals, you really have no way of knowing whether those cars belonged to current Richmond or Henrico residents, which means your 70% number is absolutely meaningless. I suspect that anyone who calls Henrico "heavily Democratic" really doesn't know his jurisdictions too well, anyway. BTW, John Tyler Community College is less than 10 miles from the Richmond City line and even closer to the Henrico County line. Neither is anywhere close to the 40 miles from John Tyler that you claim here.

ccMAXIMUS said...


The stickers were on older model cars, and there were a lot of them in the lots at JTCC. Further, Obama was busing in supporters from all over Central Virginia because he couldn't get enough people to attend from Chesterfield County. In fact, folks were there from as far away from Ashland, close to 40 miles away from JTCC. Also, Henrico County voted for Tim Kaine for Governor, Mark Warner for Governor, and routinely votes to return Bobby Scott to Congress with overwhelming margins. As you know, the 3rd Congressional District is a minority majority Congressional District, and half of Henrico County is in the 3rd District, the eastern half. It seems you are the one who doesn't know the area sweetie. Go back to Maryland

Tricia said...

Had you seen my 2001 Nissan at JTCC today, you would have seen a James City County sticker on the windshield because I bought it used from a private owner there and just haven't removed the sticker (I've lived in Chester since 2001). Until you can substantiate your "research", you should be cautious about drawing conclusions. Remember the turnout for the Demorcratic primary in March? It was so high that we ran out of ballots and it launched an investigation of the poor work of our registrar. THAT is why Obama campaigned here and that is why he has opened an office here, in Midlothian. Perhaps the choice of Chester, over say... Midlothian, was purely logistical given that it is on I-95's corridor and a short jaunt from the Richmond hotel plus close to the airport. Easy access. Additionally, there were only 200 people there and it was invitation only; ANY politician is going to use that event in part to reward those from that REGION who have faithfully supported him/her. To do otherwise is foolish. Your conclusion is self-serving and poorly reasoned.

Oh, and Riley needs to check his/her history. The last Virginian elected to either the Presidency or Vice Presidency was Woodrow Wilson, not John Tyler.

ccMAXIMUS said...


Thanks for stopping by, move back to James City County as quick as you can.