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Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't pay the taxes you owe, kill the agent?

Like there is only one IRS agent? They have many other agents and computer systems to keep track of this stuff, it's not like there was only one copy of the documents, that this guy owed taxes, in the agents briefcase and by killing him it would erase the debt, stupid...From the AP:

Federal authorities say a central Florida construction company owner tried to hire a hit man to kill an IRS agent to avoid paying $300,000 in taxes....A U.S. Treasury agent says in an affidavit that Randy Nowak in June agreed to pay an undercover FBI agent $20,000 to kill agent Christine Brandt, who was auditing him. Nowak thought the FBI agent was a hit man...The affidavit says Nowak also was afraid the government would find $4 million he had stashed in offshore bank accounts....Investigators also say Nowak discussed burning down the IRS office in Lakeland, Fla.....Nowak is scheduled in court Friday to face federal charges. No home or business numbers are listed for Nowak to obtain comment.

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