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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bush a fundraising machine for the GOP

Think what you want about President Bush but in a time when raising funds is as important as the message the candidates spew, "W" can still get the GOP base to open their checkbooks....From the AP:

President Bush's popularity has tanked, but boy can he still bring in the cash....He's raked in close to a billion dollars, the political fundraiser in chief, during his White House tenure....In all, Bush has personally raised more than $968 million for the Republican Party, GOP candidates and his own re-election campaign and inauguration during his two terms in office. And he's not finished....He's now lost a big part of the national spotlight to presidential contenders John McCain and Barack Obama, but he remains a formidable force on the fundraising circuit, mostly at private affairs closed to the media. His total so far this year is roughly $70 million....Bush spent 90 minutes recently at a California winery tucked in a hillside in Napa Valley to help wring $850,000 from deep-pocket donors. That's $9,444 a minute....Out of political expedience, McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, is generally keeping his distance - at least physically - from an unpopular incumbent who's burdened with war, soaring fuel prices and a sputtering economy....Bush embraced McCain as the party's next standard bearer in the Rose Garden in March, saying, "I can help raise him money, and if he wants my pretty face standing by his side at one of these rallies, I'd be glad to show up."

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