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Monday, August 4, 2008

Anglican rift may be growing as Lambeth conference rolls on

From the Guardian front page –

'Lambeth conference: Archbishop blames liberals for church rift -- Consecration of gay clergy must stop to end Anglican crisis, says Williams': 'The Archbishop of Canterbury blamed liberal North American churches yesterday for causing turmoil in the Anglican communion by blessing same-sex unions and consecrating gay clergy as he attempted to chart a way out of the crisis that has been engulfing the church. On the final day of the Lambeth conference, a 10-yearly gathering of the world's Anglican bishops, Rowan Williams said practices in certain U.S. and Canadian dioceses were threatening the unity of the Anglican communion.' ... Making his third and final presidential address Williams said the "pieces are on the board" to resolve the wrangling over homosexuality. He put forward the idea of a "covenanted future" involving a "global church of interdependent communities". But even as he was speaking disaffected primates from developing countries expressed regrets about the conference. A statement signed by more than a quarter of the world's Anglican archbishops said theological voices outside the west had been missing from some key sessions. "We are concerned with the continuing patronising attitude of the west towards the rest of the churches," they said. ...Williams also faced disenchantment at home, with some English bishops questioning the nature of the conference. Michael Scott-Joynt, the bishop of Winchester and the fifth most senior churchman in England, said: "The Lambeth Conference is required to do something rather than live down to the worst expectations of the bishops who stayed away."

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