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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You can Party at SanDiego Church but you better not pray


A discrepancy in permits leaves churchgoers east of San Diego with a place to party instead of a place of worship....The use permit for a church in Guatay is for a bar, not for religious services....Churchgoers can meet to drink and listen to music, according to the permit, but they cannot meet to pray, NBC 7/39 reported. ...The church, Guatay Christian Fellowship, is located about 35 miles east of San Diego....It has been operating as a church for 22 years. In 1981, the building was approved for the sale of beer and wine as well as for live entertainment....When the building was rented out for use as a church, the use permit did not change....Each different use requires a separate approval with a study to determine the impact on the community, according to the county....The church's pastor said church members don't have the money to get a different permit

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sundiegoman said...

I have heard that when talk show host Roger Hedgecock was on the Board of Supervisors he voted for the County Zoning law that requires the church to get a permit. I hope he stands up like a man and tells the truth about this. I hope someone calls and asks him.