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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

Many Bloggers are making much over Senator Webb's newly passed GI Bill that pays full educational tuition and expenses for Post 9/11 Veterans. In fact, the very Bloggers who are making the most of it never served in the military themselves--ones such as Not Larry Sabato
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Senator Webb's bill is a good one. However, the problem with Webb's Bill is that is intentionally restricts full educational benefits to those veterans who served since 9/11. Senator Webb intentionally leaves out combat veterans from the first Gulf War, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Provide Comfort, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Haiti, and Somalia. The Veterans who served in combat zones in pre 9/11 times are being left behind by a fellow combat veteran turned Senator who is now in THE POSITION to have helped them pay off their student loans incurred because their GI Bill only covered one semester of college.

With his new GI Bill, Senator Webb has made it abundantly clear that the service of post 9/11 Veterans (like his son) is worth far more than the service of combat veterans who served pre 9/11. Webb's bill is nothing more than personal nepotism and favoritism for post 9/11 combat veterans. Webb's position on pre 9/11 combat veterans is clear:

1.) Your service to your country is not worth the added expense of the Federal Government paying down your student loan debt that you HAD to incur because the pre 9/11 GI BILL benefits wouldn't pay for one semester of your college.

Senator Webb is intentionally leaving combat Veterans behind with his new GI Bill. If Webb's son had served in the military pre 9/11, no doubt that he would have extended the newly expanded educational benefits to those Veterans as well.

If Webb would do this to his fellow combat Vets, you gotta wonder how many troops he intentionally left behind in Vietnam because they weren't worth the added expense of helping? Born Fighting---for half of your comrades. Semper Fi Senator Webb, Semper Fi.

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