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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RPV in goods Hands

The new Executive Director of RPV, Allison Coccia spoke last night at the monthly Chesterfield County Republican Committee meeting and let me echo the excitement others have felt by this acquisition from the New York State GOP. From meeting Ms. Coccia last night it is clear that she will be an outstanding addition to Delegate Frederick's new RPV vision and will no doubt lead the state party to accomplish great things this November and for years to come. Executive Director Coccia, laid out a three prong plan of Grassroots, Communication and Fundraising to help invigorate the state party so that they can be a valued resource to Republicans in the state of Virginia. I admit I was skeptical of a change in leadership for the RPV this close to a national election and the even more important statewide elections next year but Delegate Frederick's 100 day plan, more visible responses to the GA and acquiring great talent like Allison Coccia on his Executive Staff shows that by misgivings were in vain, and I truly believe the RPV is now in good hands to accomplish great things in the future for the commonwealth.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

Welcome Miss Coccia, and may the GOP staff enjoy much success during your tenure as the Executive Director of the RPVA.

Virginia has suffered through a long parade of carpet-baggers who came here from New York and other Northern states, whose primary objective was to punch their ticket and then move on to more lucrative positions. So, do not be surprised when the locals view your ovations to the Old Dominion with initial skepticism.

In spite of this dubious tradition created by the carpet-baggers, thousands of Upstate New Yorkers have relocated to Virginia in the past decade. Those former Northerners who have elected to make their homes here, generally cite the same core issues that our Republicans generally run on, as their motivation for moving here; lower taxes, good schools, and less intrusive government.

Whether you are here for the typical eighteen months or eighty years, I hope that you find Virginia and Virginians, both welcoming and friendly.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

God, I love the term "carpetbagger" what is this JAB, 1866? (reconstruction between 1865 and 1877) next you'll be calling me a "scalawags" (southern whites who supported Reconstruction in the Republican Party.)for goodness sakes.... I believe Ms. Coccia is going to go on to great things; great things right here in Virginia