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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Putin/Medvedev what's the difference

From the UPI --

A foreign policy strategy unveiled by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev this week maintains the tough stance adopted by Vladimir Putin, analysts say....Under the guidelines delivered Tuesday by Medvedev to the country's senior diplomatic corps, former president and now Prime Minister Putin's strategy of drawing a hard line against NATO expansion and staking out Russia's position as a major player in multipolar world has been maintained, the Moscow Times reported Wednesday....In fact, the prime minister's foreign policy role has been expanded under the new guidelines, with certain powers formerly handled only by the Russian president being transferred. This goes against statements made by Medvedev shortly after his March election that presidential powers wouldn't be weakened with Putin moving to the prime minister's office, the newspaper said....A Kremlin spokesman wouldn't comment on the realignment of foreign policy powers..."The vague and somewhat incomprehensible expectations that there might be some kind of liberalization in foreign policy" under Medvedev have proven unfounded, Dmitry Trenin, political analyst with the Carnegie Moscow Center, told the Times.

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