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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McDonnell + most cash of Gov. Candidates = More confidence in McDonnell as Governor

Posted by MAXIMUS

Team McDonnell is once again pulling off a hat trick. they are well ahead of all of the other candidates running for Governor. McDonnell is the first candidate to cross the $1 million cash on hand threshold--this is a huge accomplishment this early.

Look what a unified GOP has done in the three months that McDonnell has been the presumed Gubernatorial nominee--more cash on hand than the Democratic candidates in a state trending "blue." This will only improve moving forward. As the McDonnell team puts on the war paint and fills up the combat treasury, they will be ready to carpet bomb the eventual broke, tired, and beaten down opponent that emerges from the Democrat nomination fight next June 5, 2009.

McDonnell's report, the first Gubernatorial candidate to have over $1 million on hand, shows that Virginians are ready for change at the Governor's Mansion, and that McDonnell's record as AG is resonating. $1 million on hand and its only July, 2008. Clearly, McDonnell's campaign is going to be ready for next year. Governor Kaine, get ready to move out of Bob McDonnell's House--just leave the letter "M" on all of the keyboards.


Blogging 4 Bob said...

McDonnell campaign is going to be ready for next year! What a huge accomplishment! This is really a showing of what the unified GOP can do.

Anonymous said...

The extra cash will further bolster Bob McDonnell in traditionally liberal areas of the Commonwealth because it will allow the Attorney General to get his message out. There will be a surprising amount of support from those with whom he grew up with in the City of Alexandria and Fairfax who actively campaign for him.