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Thursday, July 17, 2008

McCain needs to ignite a fire under evangelicals... win in November. From

Stirring her morning coffee, lifelong Republican Grace Droog voiced her doubts _ and those of many evangelical voters _ about what she isn't hearing from John McCain in this year's presidential election...."I look for something about his faith," she said. "It's very important, it's what our nation was founded on."....Her pal Joan Rens nodded; she, too, wants McCain to talk about his religious beliefs. "I wish he would so we would know how he stands on his religious views and where his faith lies," she said....In this part of the country _ halfway between Sioux City, Iowa, and Sioux Falls, S.D., _ separating religion from politics is folly. Religious conservatives here were energized by President Bush's public declaration of faith and handed him a landslide in 2004. With growing sway in the state GOP, they recently captured a prominent party leadership post...."When they get on fire, it's Katie bar the door," said Rock Rapids businessman George Schneiderman, who worries that McCain isn't generating that excitement

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