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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is it Spying if you Tell everyone

From the AP:

The Pentagon will buy and operate one or two commercial imagery satellites and plans to design and build another with more sophisticated spying capabilities, according to government and private industry officials....The satellites could spy on enemy troop movements, spot construction at suspected nuclear sites and alert commanders to new militant training camps....The Broad Area Surveillance Intelligence Capability (BASIC) satellite system will cost between $2 billion and $4 billion. It would add to the secret constellation of satellites that now circle the Earth, producing still images that are pieced together into one large mosaic....A single satellite can visit one spot on Earth twice every day. BASIC's additional satellites will allow the photos to be updated more often, alerting U.S. government users to potential trouble, humanitarian crises or natural disasters like floods....The announcement of the BASIC program, expected this week, has been delayed for months, with Pentagon, Air Force, and National Reconnaissance Office officials fighting over who should be in charge of buying, building and operating the satellites. They have also debated whose needs the system will cater to: senior military commanders or policymakers in Washington, D.C....At stake was not just money but power: billion-dollar budgets are up for grabs, and the agencies' traditional missions and way of doing business have been hanging in the balance.

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1 comment:

AlterofFreedom said...

We live in strange times. I think Reagan and the folks who faught the Cold War are rolling over right about now.
fact is it will only get worse after the election if Obama is elected. Nothing against Obama per say, but with him in the WH the Congress will defund or deplete resources much the way it was done in the mid-90's across the board. Only this time it will not be solely the military that got downsized then, it will be Homeland Security, NSA and DIS. The funding will be shift from those areas to areas the Democrats in Congress which to prop up and it does not take a genius to figure out what social programs and governement services those will be.
Fact is the only lover paid to the military and the other services regarding national security is in time of elections. Once the election is over we will see these members revert back to their animosity towards those endeavors. We saw this during the Clinton years who virtually displaced many career military in his downsizing program.
Let wise up and read the writing on the wall, ayone who thinks these folks are going to be better at conducting themselves in this era of terrorism is crazy in my view. These people cannot even get around the politics of oil and are still contending energy and oil is not a national security issue.