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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I thought he was a candidate of Change

Obama candidacy not closing race gap

(UPI/NYT 0CBS Poll --

Sen. Barack Obama's candidacy for U.S. president isn't bridging the racial divide between black and white voters, a New York Times-CBS News poll indicates....More than 80 percent of African-American voters said they had a favorable opinion of Obama, D-Ill., compared with about 30 percent of white voters, results from the poll released Wednesday indicated....The results suggested that while Obama's candidacy is generating high enthusiasm among black voters, they don't see it as an improvement in race relations, pollsters said....Among black voters Obama draws support from 89 percent, compared with 2 percent for his likely Republican challenger, Sen. John McCain of Arizona. Among whites, McCain has 46 percent support to Obama's 37 percent....Obama leads McCain 62 percent to 23 percent among Hispanics....The poll indicated Obama leading McCain 45 percent to 39 percent among all registered voters....The New York Times-CBS telephone poll was conducted July 7-14 with 1,796 adults and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points. To measure views of different races, the survey included larger-than-usual minority samples, 297 blacks and 246 Hispanics, with a margin error of 6 percentage points for each subgroup.

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AlterofFreedom said...

If you want top break things down the way MSNBC does in its every effort to perpetuate the racial divide by the way in which it inteprets pllos and prompts "certain" questions you would be prone to believe the race is over.

I mean a candidate winning the African American vote and the Hispanic vote, the two largest "minority" groups in America can't possibly lose in November.

At the same time of course they failt to interpret nor report on the fact that if this were true that America has "in fact" now as a demographic of power been lost by "whites". Is this the change they are referring. The end of a "minority" struggle against a powerful "white" monopoly on power in America.

Finally, I guess we then can repeal every single liberal affirmative action or quota throughout society now that the field is level. I mean how could there be an inbalance if an African-American wins by securing some 80% of the so-called "minority" vote in America.

Seems to me if this is true and MSNBC wished to go a bit further they would uncover that the liberal legislation in effect now runs contrary to reality and is in fact no longer required in America.

Or will the result of the shift in power sinmply be to add more programs to further benefit the "old" theories behind affirmative action and such. Per MSNBC own admission they will make this a "cultural" struggle daring anyone on the other side to take the bait and speek out against Obama and his supporters.