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Monday, July 28, 2008

Chesterfield Chamber sees no reason for new phosphorous runoff

This restriction is rather arbitrary and has no scientific basis to back up that this would do anything but prevent people to build reasonably priced housing in the Upper Swift Creek area. Instituting tougher restricvtions just to fulfill campaign promises is not the way to govern a county when you run on being independent of special interest...Matoaca did not pick the best candidate last November and this is just the first indication of that being true.

From the Chesterfield Observer: The Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce's board of directors has voted unanimously against lowering the amount of phosphorous runoff to .16 pounds per acre per year from new development in the Upper Swift Creek Plan (USCP) area. The board of supervisors will hold a public hearing on lowering the limit next week. ...With 625 members, the chamber is the largest business organization in Chesterfield. ...The current phosphorus standard is .22 pounds for residential properties and .45 pounds for commercial. The .16 standard is considered to be what would occur naturally without any development. ..."There is no valid scientific evidence that more strict phosphorous requirements will have an impact on water quality," said Neal Lappe, the chamber's chairman. "The stricter standard would have a devastating impact on business development." ..."After considering both sides, it was clear that the .16 standard has no scientific support and is both arbitrary and capricious," added former Chairman Sam Kaufman, one of the 11 chamber board members who voted to oppose the measure. "It's an impossible standard to meet and not geared toward any sound environmental policy."...Both the Chesterfield Planning Commission and the county's Environmental Engineering Department also oppose the .16 standard. ...The development community has also been meeting, including private property owners who fear their property rights are being denied. They and the business community believe the tougher standard is being promoted by Matoaca Supervisor Marleen Durfee to fulfill a campaign pledge. In an email, Durfee wrote she has not taken a position yet...."I don't think it's appropriate to shut down all development in the watershed," said Dan Gecker, vice chairman of the board of supervisors

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