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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why is a lock box for regional transportation funds bad...NoVa wouldn't get our money

.....Bacon Rebellion has a post and some great comments about the recent proposal by Ken Stolle, R-Virginia Beach to create a lock box for regional transportation funds that was recently voted down...some of the comments I found interesting and I quote (which is signafied by the quotation marks)

"Groveton, I would expect that you would support something like a constitutional lockbox on regional levies -- anything to ensure that RoVa politicians don't get their mitts on money raised by NoVa. It certainly makes sense to me. Now tell me, do you really trust the Ds any more than you trust the Rs? If so, maybe I could interest you buying in a piece of property over there in London. It's called the London Tower..."
"With direct democracy at the Cluster scale and representative democracy at the level of each of the organic components of settlement above the Cluster -- Neighborhood, Village, Community, Regional, etc., -- the most important elected position would be your Cluster representitive on the Neighborhood Board, not someone beholden to a party platform or winning the next election by .5% based on costly misleading ads.".

Read Bacon's Rebellion Here....these guys are good

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