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Monday, June 2, 2008

Why being in Sudan for two weeks puts American Politics in perspective

So there I was taking video of a grouping of "tukals" or small mud/thatch huts and the small children playing near by when a military convoy pulled up and a man in a red beret pointed at me and another person I was with and two soldiers (12-year olds with AK47s really) came over to see what I was filming and if the guy in charge was video'd....He wasn't, I deleted the footage and then showed one of the soldiers how the camera worked to pleasure so I then proceeded on my merry way. What did that incident teach me about American politics? We don't get shot usually for disagreeing with our government and we need to value our freedom in this country more than we do (ALOT more than we do!) We have electricity, sewage systems, supermarkets, cars, clothes and medical care and yet we still manage to continually look at the negative in people and our country like we deserve something more than what America offers us. Trust me we should be praying to God every minute of every day that we live in this great country and be working like mad to export its best parts and not continually exporting the the worse ones. We are the super power in the world, no matter what is being said, and its high time we all start acting like it and not acting like some spoiled rich kid in need of a good spanking. It may be the jet lag talking here but there are places out there where it a matter of life and death on a daily basis and not some philosophical difference that may or may not matter in the big scheme of things.....use your freedom wisely not everyone in the world has it.

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