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Monday, June 30, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

What I am about to tell you will will shock some but it will not surprise most of you. I have said for nearly five years that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are solely about neither. Together, they are about the encirclement of Iran--a classic military siege is underway.

Iran is surrounded on the east by U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. Iran is surrounded on the west by U.S. Forces in Iraq. Iran is surrounded by air power from several American Air Craft Carriers and our Air Force assets in the region. Iran can be quickly surrounded by the Israeli air force as well. The end game in Iraq and Afghanistan is about the beginning of another--the destruction of the terrorist infested Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Since Vietnam, what national government is responsible for the deaths of more American civilians than any other? The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Since the invasion and occupation of Iraq, what national government is responsible for aiding, abetting, sabatoging, harboring, supplying, infiltrating, and killing members of the United States Armed Forces operating in Iraq? The Islamic Republic of Iran.

What nation has sent in the elite Al-Quds Force and the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard into Iraq to kill, blow up, capture or otherwise maim members of the Armed Forces of the United States as they conduct operations in that country? The Islamic Republic of Iran.

What nation is harboring, training, mentoring, funding, and supplying the terrorist entity known as Hezbollah? The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Who were the Israeli's fighting in Lebanon a few years ago? Hezbollah.

Folks, the current end game in the middle east is Iran. More specifically, our main purpose in the Middle East right now is the removal of the theocratic, fascist form of government that is currently in charge of the Islamic Republic of Iran. You don't have to like it. You don't have to agree with it. However, you must recognize this. You must.

I, for one, have grown very leery of the Bush Administration's failure to coherently and directly articulate the end game here--I may add that it's their end game, I don't necessarily endorse it or oppose it at this point. However, since Iran IS without question the end game for the Bush Administration's policy in the Middle East, is it appropriate to now call a duck a duck?

Can't our government openly say we are already fighting (and killing) Iranians inside of Iran?

Can't we say that Iran has been killing our troops in Iraq?

Can't we say that Iranian manufactured IED's (roadside bombs) have been killing Americans in Iraq?

Can't we say that the Shia theocracy of Iran has been arming, training, supplying, and funding the Shia Mahdi Army in Iraq to kill Americans serving in Iraq?

Can't we release the interrogation reports gleaned from captured members of the Iranian Al-Quds Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the Iranian backed Mahdi Army? Can't we say that the Mahdi Army operating in Iraq is akin to Hezbollah operating in Lebanon and the West Bank?

Can't we say that the Iranian government is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than any other nation since Vietnam? Can't we say that most of these deaths came happened upon the victims in the form of terrorisim instead of direct classical head to head military conflict?

Folks, Iraq was never solely about Iraq. Afghanistan was never solely about Afghanistan. When put together, they ARE solely about being the book-end blocks that form the siege and encirclement of Iran. The military trains you to never discern the intention of an enemy by listening to their rhetoric or diplomatic fiat. The military trains you to look at ground, air, and naval orders of battle--to pinpoint where they're at. Think of it this way, if you have a tank at your front door and and a tank at your back door, somebody is sending you one of two messages: 1). We are prepared to come in, or 2.) We are coming in. Apply this logic to what the "Blue" forces are doing in the Middle East (that's us)--where are our troops positioned and why are they positioned there? The destruction of the Iranian nuclear threat is and will be the final military initiative of the Bush Administration.

American Special Forces (JSOC), American CIA Officers, American DIA Officers, American NSA Officers, and American CIA paramilitary forces (among others), are in IRAN preparing the battlefield for the coming conflict. Link to the story here--long but worth reading every word:

American forces are in IRAN clandestinely targeting the Iranian nuclear facilities. Link to this video clip:

The Democratic controlled Congress recently approved spending over 400 million dollars to fund our clandestine efforts inside of Iran. The end game is near folks. You would think someone in the government of the United States would start articulating this. They will, but when? Don't say you weren't told BEFORE this happened. War with Iran?

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