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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Upper Swift Creek Plans merged

From Greg Pearson at the Chesterfield Observer two competing plans for Upper Swift Creek have been merged into one for a more cohesive plan. From the Observer:

After several weeks of dueling plans - one initiated by the board of supervisors and the other by the planning commission - both versions of the Upper Swift Creek Plan (USCP) were merged together last week. The planning commission is recommending the board of supervisors approve the merged plan at its June 25 meeting. ...The USCP sets standards, known as levels of service (LOS), that enable the county board to turn down residential rezoning requests in the plan area if nearby schools are too overcrowded or roads are unable to handle the volume of traffic safely. The plan area starts at the intersection of routes 288/360 and goes north and west. ...While the commission utilized the language used by the city of Chesapeake for LOS for schools, it also set a public hearing for July 15 to recommend imposing LOS countywide. Because several school zones weave in and out of the USCP area, county school officials want a countywide plan that doesn't disrupt their school feeder system boundaries. That school plan will be advertised in this newspaper, setting the standard at 10 percent above school capacity - meaning a rezoning could be denied if a proposed development generates enough students to cause a nearby school to be 10 percent over capacity. ... Only about a dozen citizens spoke about the plan and their controls. Pakurar doubted that the phosphorous levels were low enough to protect the reservoir as a source of drinking water.

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