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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

Last night, Governor Tim Kaine held a tax increase town hall meeting in Hopewell, VA to gather support for his nefarious plan to give future Central Virginia road money to NOVA. Link here:

Governor Kaine has refused to accept any of the eight personal invitations he received to attend events at nearby Fort Lee, including those events heralding the gain of 10, 000 new jobs at this post through the BRAC process.

How is it that a sitting Governor of Virginia can find the time to promote tax increases in Hopewell while he consistently fails to find time to welcome new troops and 10,000 new military related jobs at nearby Fort Lee? This is the biggest economic expansion in the history of Central Virginia and Governor Kaine is too busy to walk from Hopewell into neighboring Fort Lee to see what's going down on the job creation front?

This just in....Governor Kaine will show up and support the new troops as long as they support his new tax increases. Tim Kaine is using transportation improvement projects in and around the Fort Lee area as leverage to get the local Republican Delegates and Senators to support his tax increases. Taxes over Troops. What a welcome mat. Should we expect anything less from a key supporter of Barrack Hussein Obama for President?

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