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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

They keep trying to find the "missing link" but never quite do

Inter species evolution, just plain evolution or even intra-species evolution ...the recent discovery of the fossil to the most primitive 4-legged creature ever found which somehow helps them in the eveolution myth....but not really, they even say so at the end of the article for god's sake. From the AP:

Scientists unearthed a skull of the most primitive four-legged creature in Earth's history, which should help them better understand the evolution of fish to advanced animals that walk on land. The 365 million-year-old fossil skull, shoulders and part of the pelvis of the water-dweller, Ventastega curonica, were found in Latvia, researchers report in a study published in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature. Even though Ventastega is likely an evolutionary dead-end, the finding sheds new details on the evolutionary transition from fish to tetrapods. Tetrapods are animals with four limbs and include such descendants as amphibians, birds and mammals.

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