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Friday, June 13, 2008


Who thinks leaving a child in a hot car is a good idea...please explain this one to me. The gene pool just seems to be getting mor mucked up and the me first attitude that a lot of parents seem to now have is only going to effect the children they are rearing....From the Times Dispatch:

Richmond woman who left two young children in a broiling car Tuesday is begging the community -- and her family -- for forgiveness, saying she was wrong and heartbroken...."I made a terrible mistake in judgment and I was wrong. But I would never do anything to harm them," said Fredrika Michele Simpson, who said her own 16-year-old son has asked her the unanswerable "Why?"...Simpson, 40, is the great aunt of the two children. She said she was gone from her car for as long as 20 minutes when she noticed police and rescue workers near the vehicle and rushed out of a department store at Willow Lawn Shopping Center.

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Forty_Two said...

Time to license parents perhaps?