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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Richmond Times Dispatch owes Virginia Republicans an apology

Posted by MAXIMUS

Over the last few months, the Richmond Times Dispatch has taken the "Republican Party" to task over criticisms about Tim Kaine's granting a stay to convicted cop killer named Edward Nathaniel Bell while the high court deliberated if death by lethal injection amounted to cruel and unusual punishment under the Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled lethal injection could be used to put convicts to death because this method was not cruel and unusual punishment.

The RTD's esteemed leftist Jeff Shapiro said the GOP had a feeble response in holding Kaine accountable on his campaign promise to enforce the death penalty. Okay, we expect that from him. However, when the Editorial Pages of the RTD sought fit to chastise the GOP for past criticisms of Kaine based upon the Bell stay, this was over the top. The pages that Ross built basically said that the GOP should apologize to Kaine for saying he will not enforce the death penalty after he lifted the stay on Bell's life. It was as if the RTD was mocking the GOP for calling out Kaine who did ultimately keep his word regarding Bell.

However, as of yesterday, we are new territory with the Governor and the Richmond Times Dispatch. Why? Yesterday Governor Tim Kaine commuted the death sentence of Percy Walton, who was convicted of brutally murdering three people in Danville in 1996. Why? As a justification for commuting the death sentence for Percy Walton, Kaine basically said that Walton is mentally retarded and thus he should live because the Supreme Court said that is unconstitutional for mentally retarded individuals to be subjected to the death penalty.

The Richmond Times Dispatch thought it appropriate to defend Kaine and chastise the Republican Party over the Bell case. They did so with gusto.

Now that Kaine has ruled that death row inmate Percy Walton is mentally retarded and his life should be spared despite numerous findings by the Courts that Percy Walton is mentally competent to stand trial, will the Richmond Times Dispatch start criticizing Kaine on his failure to enforce the death penalty? Not a chance.

The humorists at the Richmond Times Dispatch said that Republicans can meet in a phone booth these days. What the RTD fails to tell you is this: if life of one of their girdle wearing, mouth breathing editors was in immanent danger from your garden variety murderer on the street, that Editor would no doubt attempt to squeeze into the Republican phone booth. Why? BECAUSE THAT SON-OF-A-BITCH EDITOR WOULD KNOW AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE REPUBLICANS WOULD BE PACKING ENOUGH HEAT TO PROTECT HIS LIBERAL LIFE.

Now that Kaine has legitimately flipped on his stance on enforcing the death penalty, I long for the days when Ross McKenzie was in charge of the Editorial Pages of the RTD. Like those Republicans in the phone booth, at least Ross McKenzie was a straight shooter.

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