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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lesson #1 Don't take pictures of the Military in Sudan....More Pictures from Africa...

Here are some more pictures from Sudan..been busy trying to catch up since we got back but will be posting about the incredible trip and the awesome work Hope for Humanity is doing there. The smiling brunette is the awesome and ever vivacious Mrs. Contemporary Conservative (never could imagine the joy a single matchbox car could give a child)doing what she does best, huggin' the kiddies and giving them toys...yes she's similar to Santa but a heck of a lot better looking and no facial hair..oh, trust me if you're ever in Sudan (around Akot or Rumbek) do not and I repeat DO NOT take pictures of the military (this includes any one dressed in green of any kind with a red beret on their head)...just sayin'. More to come!!

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