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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

JAB tells us Why the Virginia Republican Convention Matters

Below is a Op/ED by the very wise and perceptive James Atticus Bowden....this piece is right on target....JAB's blog is great so read it here""

Why the Virginia Republican Convention Matters
Every account of the Virginia Republican Convention that I’ve read missed what matters. A new Republican Revolution began. Right here in Virginia and right now. It’s the transformation of the Republican Party to focus on the best solutions, for the right issues, based on the right ideas. It’s the change that counts. The change that is needed for our Commonwealth and Nation. It’s called a Revolution because it comes up from the grassroots Conservatives and Libertarians against the Special Interests. It’s The People against a lot of vested wealth and power.
The nomination of Gov. Jim Gilmore as candidate for the U.S. Senate and the election of Del. Jeff Frederick to Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia may not seem really revolutionary. Yet, it is as clear a choice, not an echo, as what candidate Ronald Reagan presented to The People in 1980. It ‘s as sharp a contrast of solutions as Newt Gingrich contracted with America in 1994. It’s the important issues to citizens that Jim Gilmore defined in ‘No Car Tax’ and Jeff Frederick defended against HB 3202 with its punishing taxes and unconstitutional regional governments. It’s all based on a shared and uncompromising, unapologetic, unsurpassed understanding of Conservative principles.
It’s the end of politicians running on the Virginia Republican Creed and governing as tax and spend Democrats. It’s the end of Republican tax hikes. It’s the end of Republican special interest spending – like Congressional pork fat-filled earmarks. It’s the restoration of the brand label “Republican” to provide a “Republican” product. Republican will mean Conservative in content as well as limited-government Libertarian in fact. It’s making elected Republicans accountable to all Virginians through the Republican Party. It’s about trust.
Trusting in mere men is foolish. Power corrupts. But trusting in many people brought together as communities of common interests – bound by shared principles – is the path to success. It’s the path to transform Virginia for this new century, with all the changes in economics, energy, population, and technology, for the best Virginia possible. It takes the leadership of Jim Gilmore and Jeff Frederick – and others to come – to make it happen now.
If you want …lower taxes to take care of your family and create more opportunities for better jobs… illegal aliens to leave Virginia because of our Rule of Law and for higher wages to the working poor…respect and encouragement for New Virginians to assimilate, achieve and prosper…more energy to lower costs and more conservation to preserve the future…transportation solutions that work using existing revenue…secure retirement and healthcare based on savings and individual choices…government that upholds our unique heritage and traditional values… culture that values life, family and individual freedom…vision and valor to persevere in a long, long, long war against Islamist Terrorists…and a Virginia and America that lives up to our Constitutions, according to our Constitutions, within our Constitutions for a new, great century…then join Virginia’s New Republican Revolution.
Join your local Republican Party. Elect Jim Gilmore to the U.S. Senate in November. Carry Virginia for Republican congressional candidates and John McCain – and help hold them accountable. Stay tuned at and . Take a stand for your Virginia.

James Atticus Bowden
Representative 1 CD, State Central Committee, Republican Party of Virginia
Former Chairman, 1 CD (Cong. Jo Ann Davis) , Republican Party of Virginia


James Atticus Bowden said...

You're too kind. My family calls me Mr/Captain Obvious.

But, I gather you capture the energy from the convention and where we CAN go in Virginia as Republicans if we choose to do so.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

Amen, Sir.. Amen!