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Monday, June 16, 2008

Is personal compromise a bad thing

President Bush has stated, " I want to be said about George W. Bush that when he finishes his Presidency, he looked in a mirror as a man who did not compromise his core principles for the sake of politics or the Gallup Poll or the latest, you know, whatever. You can't lead in this world if you are chasing something as temporary as a popularity poll."
I agree about the opinion poll thing but were his core principles and what is best for this country always the same thing every time? I am a person of conviction myself and respect President Bush for his unwavering leadership in the war on terror but when you are leading sometimes compromise for the betterment of the cause (or country) is the most heroic thing a person can do. There is a fine line between being a stubborn egotistical mule and a man sticking to his guns for an unwavering principle...So is compromise a bad thing in and of itself? Can you compromise a little or is it more like being half pregnant? I have to say that there are certain things (we all have them) that are black and white with me as you can tell by my posts here but in other cases it seems we need work with all sides to actually accomplish something. I've always thought that the biggest problem with the liberal outlook is that it does not work in the real world of America since Democracy and personal freedom (thus the conservative mindset)go hand and hand so people in American whether they want to believe it or not live a conservative, as defined here, lifestyle. So if Conservatism is more practical and "real world" than opposing political viewpoints because we tend to insert personal mindset (wanting to keep more of your paycheck and not pay more taxes, less intrusion from the government, free enterprise etc.) then is there room to incorporate other views into our philosophies and the work we need to do to make this country a beacon of hope and prosperity for all the world as it once was .....don't worry I'm not going off my rocker and will be shouting about the value of conservatism until the final second before I am off to the pearly gates but I think it is a interesting topic to the mindset "I'm right, your wrong" more important now than actually accomplishing something for the greater good.

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