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Monday, June 23, 2008

HELL FREEZES OVER...Senator Ken Stolle and Delegate Sam Nixon fight together against Tim Kaine's Tax Increase

Posted by MAXIMUS

Ken "Darth Vader" Stolle and Sam "Bruce Wayne" Nixon are fighting together against Governor Tim Kaine's tax increase. The Republican Caucus in the Senate and House apparently are working together to make Tim Kaine honor his promise not to raise taxes.

Hell has frozen over now that Senate and House Republicans are working together. The perfect storm has formed. Thank you Governor No Legacy for accomplishing what no other Republicans could do---unite the House and Senate R's.

Read the below excerpt from Bearing Drift's coverage of today's Special Session on Transportation:

“As a candidate, Tim Kaine repeatedly pledged not to raise taxes,” recalled Delegate Nixon. “Then, just six days after his inauguration he unveiled his first proposal for a billion-dollar tax hike. That effort failed. Now, he is back again with basically the same proposal. Never mind the severe economic stress now on working family finances. Never mind the fact that the historic statewide funding plan for transportation approved just last year remains largely intact. Governor Kaine insists on hiking taxes during a period of economic uncertainty. You have to ask yourself why he would make this proposal again now. It makes no sense until you consider that his real consuming passion this year is not governing, it’s vice-presidential politics. Unfortunately for Virginia taxpayers, Governor Kaine has spent more time out-of-state campaigning for the Obama ticket than he has spent in-state trying to garner support among Senate Democrats to introduce and pass his transportation proposal.”

“We have been listening to our constituents, and they do not want higher statewide taxes, especially in the middle of a severe economic downturn, with pocketbooks already pinched by high gas and food prices,” observed Senator Stolle. “They tell us that higher taxes now would only add insult to injury.”

Senator Stolle has proposed placing tolls on interstate highways to provide the $500 million of interstate maintenance costs and dedicating a portion of growing future revenues generated by the Port of Virginia to Hampton Roads projects. Link to the full Bearing Drift coverage here:

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rightwingliberal said...

But what will they do about Bill Howell's tax increase?