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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GOP is frustrated with lack of "Cooperation" from reitiring REPS in D.C.

Politico has a story about how retiring reps in Congress (including Virginia's own Tom Davis) by not just going along party lines and throwing their votes away to the party line. Looking at the Reps listed and their voting records I think the GOP is being a little niave since done of this people seem to have ever been the "go along, to get along" types. Personally, whether I agree or disagree with them, I want a Congressman in D.C. who fights until the day the boxes comes to their office and they turn in their security badge....we elect representives to represent us not to be "yes" men.

From Politico

:"It's not helpful," said a frustrated Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), "and you can use that quote."...Insiders and members of Congress say there are many reasons that independent-minded Republicans might continue to buck their party on the way out the door. Some members may want to show that they can work across the aisle — a useful résumé-builder for those looking for jobs lobbying a Democrat-controlled Congress. Others — particularly those who represent swing districts — may think that they can help a potential Republican successor by straying from the party line now and then. ...Whatever the reasons, the defectors seem to have no regrets....
Indeed, some — such as Walsh — say they're enjoying the freedom...."Some people come up [during votes], and they'll put their arm around my shoulders and smile and say, 'How's it feel?'" Walsh said. "When there's a tough vote up, I say, 'It feels pretty good....
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