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Monday, June 9, 2008

Glenn Nye fails to state his position on keeping Oceana Master Jet Base Open

Posted by MAXIMUS

Senator Webb is busy these days being Nancy Pelosi's handmaiden. How so? The sawed off Highlander has just given his endorsement of Glenn Nye in the 2nd Congressional District race against incumbent Republican Congresswoman Thelma Drake. Link here:

Does it matter that Rep. Drake worked dilligently to keep Oceana open as Senator Webb was writing yet another worthless book in his pre Senate days? Nope.

Does it matter that Glenn Nye failed to show up at ANY of the critical hearings on keeping Oceana open? Nope. Nye didn't show up at one meeting to keep Oceana open. He took a pass.

What exactly did Glenn Nye and Jim Webb do in the fight to keep the Oceana Master Jet Base open? Nothing, they sat on their hands and failed to enter the arena.

Glenn Nye doesn't even take the time to acknowledge the fight to keep Oceana open on the issues section of his web page, link here:

Why is it that Senator Webb rushes to play partisan handmaiden for Nancy Pelosi when Glenn Nye can't even articulate the importance of keeping one of the largest employers open in Tidewater? THIS IS THE ISSUE IN THE 2ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.

Oceana Master Jet base open clearly ranks as a huge priority for Congresswoman Drake, she has been there fighting tooth and nail to keep it open. Too bad we can't give the same props to Glenn Nye or Senator Webb. The Dems challenging Drake in the 2nd District is simply about expanding Democratic power, nothing else. Why else would the Democratic party run an unprincipled Candidate who fails to support the biggest economic engine in Virginia Beach? Pathetic.

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