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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FALL FROM GRACE...How Ben Tribbett and Lowell Feld become Ineffective Bloggers

Posted by MAXIMUS

Ben Tribbett (of Not Larry Sabato fame) and Lowell Feld (of Raising Kaine fame) put all their chips on the table in the recent Democratic primary in Virginia's 11th Congressional District. They bet on Leslie Byrne--a perpetual candidate for any and every office in Virginia--and lost. They took on Governor Kaine, and lost. They took on George Burke, Chairman of the 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee, and lost. They took on the Fairfax business community, and lost. They took on commonsense Democrats, and lost. They took on Gerry Conolly, and lost. They put their "progressive reputations" on the line, and lost. They tried to grow their political influence by supporting Byrne for Congress, and lost.

Not Larry Sabato and Lowell Feld found out that grassroots activists in NOVA really don't march to their tune. Their lack of effectiveness is only eclipsed by a hollow liberal agenda that Leslie Byrne rode to victory in the 11th Congressional District's Democrat Primary. Oops.

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