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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

I've been thinking a long time about this. Who can help McCain excite and motivate the conservative base in this year's Presidential election? Who understands how important it is to have a balanced budget WITHOUT congressional earmarks for pork barrel projects? Who understands the complexities, challenges, and opportunities that Middle East presents to the United States? Whose world view includes maintaining the United States position as an economic and military Superpower? Whose world view includes the refusal to have the United States regulated into a submissive subject of Communist China? Whose positions best comport with McCain's on fighting the global war on terrorism? Who has the ability to raise $500 million for a Presidential campaign? Who has the ability to selflessly campaign for candidates to ensure that we return the Congress to CONSERVATIVE majority? Who has the temerity to stand up, articulate, and fight for the American vision of freedom and prosperity to nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, the European Union, and Russia on the global geopolitical front? Who has the cajones to reform Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security so that they will remain solvent for NOT ONLY THE BABY BOOMERS, but for also for later generations like the Gen X'ers, the Echo Boomers, and the Gen Y'ers?

Who has the trans-formative vision to understand that we need a wholesale comprehensive review of our public educational systems to better position our children for opportunities in the competitive global marketplace? Who will fight tooth and nail to keep our military the best equipped and prepared fighting force in the world? Who understands that we need an economy that is based on renewable energy instead of one based on oil?

Who is pro life, pro God, pro guns, pro traditional marriage, pro family, and pro protecting our borders from the onslaught of illegal immigrantion? Who is the man for the future of the GOP? More importantly, who is the leader of the future American Conservative Movement? Who can help keep Virginia's 13 electoral votes in Republican hands? Who can make electoral inroads for Republicans in places like Florida, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, California, and Massachusetts, while running up the score in places like Alabama, North Carolina, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma?

Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor for Vice-President.
McCain/Cantor 2008. The future is now.

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AHR said...

There are thousands of conservatives who agree that Cantor would be a great assest to McCain.

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