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Sunday, June 22, 2008

DEUCE MARTINEZ -- The American Hero from Virginia that you've never heard of

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Virginia is known as the home of Presidents. She is also known as having a close proximity to DC; beaches and mountains are all within a days drive; there is strong military presence here; Virginia has excellent public Universities; We have historical icons such as Yorktown, Jamestown, and the Appomattox Courthouse. Virginia is the birthplace of leaders of men, leaders such as Washington, Jefferson, and Madison. You know this.

Here is what you may not know, Deuce Martinez is also a Virginia native. According to the International Herald Tribune, Martinez is the son of a CIA employee who followed in his fathers footsteps in the Company's employment. Deuce Martinez is also new hero from Virginia, and the nation.

For years, Martinez worked at the CIA as a Narcotics Analyst who tracked international drug players and their products. Martinez's job changed after September 11, 2001. He became a tracker of terrorists. The CIA reasoned that tracking drug kingpins is really no different from tracking terrorists, the same elements and techniques apply to both. Martinez then transitioned to the position of master interrogator. Without resorting to knuckle dragging tactics, Martinez was able to elicit critical information from the most infamous terrorist in U.S. custody who was also credited as being the master mind of 9/11 attacks.

Who did Deuce Martinez track and interrogate? What infamous 9/11 terrorist leader did he locate? What terrorist talked to Martinez after all other efforts failed?
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Who knew?

The International Herald Tribune has a fascinating account detailing how Martinez pulled it off. The Commonwealth of Virginia has given birth to yet another modern hero. Read the account here:

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