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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Democratic Unity in Virginia's 4th Congressional District

Posted by MAXIMUS

Houston, Liberals have a problem in Virginia's 4th Congressional District. Andrea Miller secured the Democrat nomination for run for the VA-4 seat about a month ago.

Since then, she has failed to secure the endorsements of any moderate Democrats in this Congressional District. She has failed to secure the endorsements of any conservative Democrats in this Congressional District. She has failed to secure the endorsements of any independents in this Congressional District.

All Andrea has supporting her are three Uber liberals who are elected officials in the Virginia General Assembly--two of the three don't even live in the 4th Congressional District. Just who are these folks that are supporting the former head of Dennis Kucinich's short lived Presidential campaign in VA?

State Senator Louise Lucas, State Senator Henry Marsh, and Delegate Roslyn Tyler. Of these three liberals, only Tyler lives in the District. Link to this list of endorsements here:

Liberal Democrats have a HUGE problem running in the 4th Congressional District. The major obstacles for Liberal Democrats in this District isn't necessarily Republicans--incredibly enough, their obstacles are the moderate Democrats and conservative Democrats within their own party, to wit:

During the 4th District Democratic Convention where Andrea Miller secured the nomination, a motion was put on the floor to NOT nominate a candidate to run against incumbent Congressman J. Randy Forbes. That motion barely failed. Then, a no-name challenger from Emporia decided to stand up and run against Andrea Miller for the nomination. This challenger did not campaign for the nomination and he only lost it by a few votes. Contrast that with the fact that Andrea Miller started campaigning for this nomination back at the beginning of this year.

You know a candidate is bad when liberal Governor Tim Kaine refuses to endorse their candidacy. How's that for Democratic Unity? With infighting like this, Republicans will carry the District for McCain and they will easily re-elect Congressman J. Randy Forbes to another term of responsible representation.

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