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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

Well, is this change we can believe in? Is this the change that's on its way? Today in Virginia Beach, Thousands of prominent Virginia Democrats, at least 2,500 in all, BOOED Prisoner of War John McCain. Link here:

In the most military concentrated section of Virginia, if not the nation, Virginia Democrats express their gratitude to a POW by booing his service to our country? That's a sure fire way to win the votes of veterans and active duty military personnel.

McCain is the man who actually had the temerity and the audacity to volunteer to serve his country, even though it wasn't the popular thing to do as they cheered the name of Hussein Obama who was otherwise too engaged to serve in the United States military.

Is it the members of the Democrat Party in Virgina that go around saying that they support the veterans and the troops but not necessarily the mission?

Is this how retired Navy Capitan Joe Bouchard turned Delegate Bouchard allows a Prisoner of War to be treated in Bouchard's home of Virginia Beach? This changes that equation doesn't it! Liberals gone wild indeed.

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