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Monday, June 23, 2008

Being Shy is a bad thing?

My wife is shy, my cat is shy and my mom is shy and they're all incredibly wonderful people that I would never try to "cure" but some feel that shyness is in need of curing and have developed a wonder drug (oxytocin) to do just that. From the AP:

It can turn anything from job interviews to the most routine of family gatherings into a sweat-inducing ordeal....But a 'love drug' produced naturally by the body during sex and childbirth could offer hope to the millions of people blighted by shyness, scientists have said....Investigators believe oxytocin - a natural hormone that assists childbirth and helps mothers bond with newborn babies - could become a wonder drug for overcoming shyness...Produced naturally in the brain during social interactions, it promotes romantic feelings, helps mothers bond with babies and makes people more sociable....Oxytocin is released during orgasm and is also the key birthing hormone that enables the cervix to open and the contractions to work. Where labour has to be induced, it is often given to the mother intravenously to kick-start contractions....Professor Zak said: 'We've seen that it makes you care about the other person. It also increases your generosity towards that person. That's why (the hormone) facilitates social interaction.'

Do we really need a drug for shyness (or most society interaction disorders)in people? Except in the rare case of extreme interaction phobias, do people really need medication to solve their ills where just having someone to talk too could do the trick...the quick fix in our current society is ever increasing our depends on drugs (whether legal or illegal) and we are not learning to deal with life's struggles through our inner copping skils but through "wonder drigs" that will have unknown side effects and consiquences down the road.

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