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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The AP actually publishes a positive poll for McCain...sort of

From the AP: AP:

'A strong majority of Americans oppose [the Iraq war] and believe it was wrong in the first place, but more find McCain better suited to handle Iraq than his Democratic presidential rival, Barack Obama. ... Unlike the 2004 presidential contest, this is not shaping up as a national security election. Neither the war nor terrorism is foremost in the public's mind. The economy and energy prices are the pre-eminent issues of the day. And on those, Obama has the edge. ... Respondents said McCain would do a better job in Iraq than Obama by a margin of 39 percent to 33 percent. Undergirding that response is a strong sentiment that McCain would be a better leader of the military than Obama.'

Saying that "this is not shaping up as a national security election" and that people aren't concerned with the war on terror and it being so are two very different things...I love the use of the word "pre-emenent" like the author of this articlw was ordained to decide what the most important issue of the day are...

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