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Thursday, May 15, 2008

There has to be more than six ways...

Politicos Jim VandeHei hits it right on head with his article "Six ways the GOP can save itself": "

1. Get a clue: Republicans desperately need to cook up some new ideas and craft an attractive agenda to have any chance of success. Former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney says it should be a modern edition of Newt Gingrich's 'Contract With America' [with a different name since it's a different time]. 'It's critical that our candidates have a very clear set of principles,' Romney says. ... Bill Frist, the former Senate majority leader and now a visiting professor at Princeton University, recommends the 'big idea' approach. His prescription: 'Take on health care in a way that focuses on consumer-driven health,' providing 'a contrast to the big government of Democrats.' ..."2. Cut the crap: ... 'The congressional leadership needs to be very proactive in addressing anything with a potential whiff of scandal forthrightly and immediately and with dispatch,' says former White House chief of staff Ken Duberstein. ... 5. Change the pitch - and your face: ... Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said it's time to return to a family values message - backed up by ideas families actually like. 'Our reforms and beliefs need to be framed in the context of how they help families. A family-friendly focus is really important, given the angst that people feel these days.' The image of the white men's club needs to go, too, says Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. 'The country is changing. The Republican Party has to have a message that reflects faces and voices of America. We have to do a better job of recruiting women candidates, candidates of color and diversity.' "


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