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Monday, May 19, 2008

Results from the 4th Congressional District GOP Convention

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Below are the results from yesterday's 4th Congressional District Republican Convention in Windsor (Isle of Wight County). These folks are dangerously effective. They set the benchmark.


Jack Wilson, former Chesterfield County GOP Chairman 2000-02, was elected to the position of Chairman without opposition. Jason Gray, the immediate past Chair, decided not to run for a full term so that he can focus on new professional commitments. Congressman Forbes loves to put the Chesterfield County consigliari to work for him. First there was Chesterfield resident Chris LaCavita whom Forbes hired as the Executive Director of RPV. Second, Congressman Forbes has tapped the following Chester (a village in Chesterfield County) residents to run the 4th District Republican Committee in consecutive terms: Wayne Ozmore, Jason Gray, and now Jack Wilson. The Chesterfield/Great Bridge connection worked great at RPV and now it's working great at the Congressional District level.


No big news here, all conservatives were re-elected to their State Central Committee seats to include: Delegate John Cosgrove (R-Chesapeake), Irene Hurst (Chesapeake), Bill Flanagan (Colonial Heights and a legislative aide to House Whip Del. Kirk Cox), and Linas Kojelas (Petersburg GOP Chairman). The 4th District is returning a strong conservative contingent to the RPV State Central Committee.


(Note to Gary Byler in the 2nd District, No Ron Paulites were elected to anything in the 4th)
Names include: Jason Gray as Delegate and Shirley Forbes as alternate Delegate. The other names were not reported into me in time for this article, but I have been assured they are not PAULITES.


Wayne Ozmore, a resident of Chester and 4th District Chairman from 2002-2007, was elected to this position without opposition. Linas Kojelas, the current Petersburg GOP Chairman, initially filed to run for this office, but withdrew and threw his support to Ozmore.


Former RPV Chairman and Nixon Administration Official Pat McSweeney gave a barn burner on behalf of Delegate Bob Marshall for the Senate nomination over Jim Gilmore. McSweeney noted that Marshall is the only 100% pro-life candidate in this race that believes in protecting life from inception to delivery. Of significant interest, McSweeney said that the government of the United States has ladeled $200,000.00 of debt onto every man, woman and child in this country--WE NOW HAVE A TEN TRILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL DEBT. What's worse is that if the Communist Chinese and or the Mullah's in Saudi Arabia (among other "friendly" nations), decided to demand a debt payment from our Government, every man woman and child in the United States would be forced to pay $200,000.00. Forget mortgage crisis folks, the nanny state masquerading as the United States wants you to believe they are "bailing out" citizens who signed on with sub-prime mortgages! The the nanny state can't even control spending to balance her own books, but we're gonna save idiots who should have never pre-qualified for a home in the first place? Go figure....another sop to the Mortgage Lender/Real Estate money for them for illegally granting loans to folks who couldn't afford them in the first place. There is no doubt that Bob Marshall is THE conservative candidate in the GOP nomination for Senate.

Delegate John Cosgrove spoke on behalf of Attorney General Bob McDonnell, John Hager for RPV Chairman, and Gilmore for Senate. Cosgrove, a Navy man, withstood a withering barrage of bad humor attacks from various Army vets in attendance. As usual, Annapolis beat West Point--even during a political convention. Though he did an admirable job for all of the candidates that he spoke for, his passion was evident as he spoke about McDonnell's run for Governor in 2009 and the crowd responded in kind. Delegate Cosgrove's speech on behalf of McDonnell was the best of the convention.

McSweeney delivered the 2nd best speech at this convention for Bob Marshall for Senate. McDonnell lapel stickers were every where, outpacing those of Gilmore, Frederick, and Hager combined. For the record, Congressman Forbes won the sticker war (duh), and McDonnell's show of support took a close second place--this was incredible since 2008 is a federal election year and McDonnell's race to reclaim the Governor's Office from occupied territory is well over a year away.

A speaker for Delegate Jeff Frederick was there and did a good job speaking about the positive message from Frederick. This is a welcome change from the negative campaign I've been bombarded with by the Frederick campaign. Speaker Bill Howell's wife also attended this convention and spoke about her support of John Hager for Chairman. She did a good job advocating for Hager. Then she broke some serious news: she told us that there is a high degree of probability that Delegate Frederick will only have one committee assignment in 2009, and it's a newly created one: The Toliet Reclaimation Subcommittee of the Police and Militia Committee. This subcommittee was set up in response from a request by the Virginia Department of Corrections. Somebody has got to figure out what to do with thousands of fine, albeit slighly used, repositories of high quality nutrition (just kidding, the Speaker's wife was not there, but the forshadowed committee assignment for Frederick just might become reality).

Speakers were also there for KC4AG and John Brownlee for AG. Powhatan Commonwealth's Attorney Bob Beasley spoke on behalf of Brownlee and did a great job. KC4AG's designated speaker did good as well. This will be an interesting race to watch.

Of the candidates for RPV Chairman, John Hager's supporters won the lapel sticker war, but the donuts from Camp Frederick were very well received and just may have bought some support. Note to Hager: have a breakfast buffet on Friday and Saturday morning at the state convention to get back into our good graces. Hager has the clear momentum and is leading in support from the 4th District Delegates that are heading into the State GOP Convention.

Congressman J. Randy Forbes arrived and provided folks with box lunches (Chik-Fil-A, awesome!) and he gave a great speech that focused on thanking the grassroots conservative activists for all of their hard work. Additionally, Congressman Forbes touched on national security, the desperate need for energy independence and the need for a "Manhattan Project" that focuses our nation's immense R&D capabilities to achieve that purpose. Forbes also told the convention about how the Democrats and other DC bureaucrats are trying to remove all inscriptions related to God, such as their attempt to remove the religious notes that are inscribed on the Washington Monument. Thank God for Congressman Forbes. We will see him in the future friends, not a moment too soon. His timeless rhetoric served as balm to the conservative faithful who have been chaffed by a party that has abandoned them at the Federal level. Keep the faith Congressman Forbes. The pendulum will again swing the conservative way and Congressman Forbes will there to guide it towards a rightful apex in the political debate.

Forbes' leadership and support of the grassroots in the 4th District has created a positive environment and has fostered esprit de corps---this synergy is presently unequaled on the Virginia Political scene. To wit: As other Congressional Districts seem to be trending downward in parts of Virginia and throughout the nation, the 4th District folks keep all wings of the GOP flapping in the same direction with remarkable results that defy current conventional wisdom. Since 2001, the 4th Congressional District is one of only two Congressional District Republican Committees in Virginia to not lose an incumbent member of the House of Delegates or Senate (during a primary or general election) while also winning the District for George Allen for Senate, Kilgore for Governor, Bolling for Lt. Governor, and McDonnell for Attorney General. The other Congressional District that matches this performance is the 9th Congressional District Republican Committee, but they have a Democratic Congressman, go figure. Thus, the 4th District stands alone. The party apparatus in the 4th District continues to exceed expectations when compared to other Congressional Districts. For example, in the 1st District Patricia Stall lost the Senate race for the seat being vacated by Marty Williams, the 2nd District went for Kaine in 05 and two Dems picked up HOD seats in 07, the 3rd District is....the 3rd--Mike Wade, the present District Chairman, seems to be all smoke and no fire, the 5th District went for Kaine in 05 and many fully expect Tucker Watkins to turn things around in Southside (he does have an excellent track record in Legislatvie races), In the 6th District, former Delegate Preston Bryant's HOD seat switched over to the dems whe Democratic Delegate Sharon Valentine won that race, In the 7th Congressional District, Bard Marrs' HOD seat switched to Independent Katherine Waddell (though Manoli Loupassi regained it in 07), the 8th is the 8th, In the 10th Congressional District, a GOP Senate seat and a HOD seat were lost to Dems and the District went for Webb. Same story in the 11th District. Clearly, the Republican activsts in the 4th District have proven themselves as an elite fighting force in Virginia politics. BZ.

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