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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pro-Life or PRO-LIFE

In a series I started yesterday and that will continue over the next couple of weeks to include such belief dilemmas as:

• Is an environmental wacko that eats meat less wacky than one that is a vegan or just a bigger hypocrite?
• Should state election losses for a particular state party be blamed solely on the state party leader or on changing national trends or on local issues?
• Does separation of church and state hurt the state or the church more?
• If conservatism is the best way to enact government, why is it so hard to convince people?
• Why do so many people sell themselves and their beliefs to a Political Party instead of making the Political Party reflect those held beliefs?
• ....and many more.
I am a big proponent that people should not just have an opinion but a though out well informed opinion whether I agree with it or not.

So today as promised I pose the question, give an example and ask for your input. I know where I stand on these issues do you?
So here’s the question: Are you truly Pro-Life if you are for the Death Penalty but against abortion? ...and on the flip-side of that, are you truly pro-abortion (which is the termination of something already in existence by definition) if you are against the death Penalty? Is it a timing thing? Do criminals deserve it and babies don't? Do you have to be consistent in your view?

Quick example: 15 year old gets pregnant, she is poor, boy is out of the picture and does not have a good home life, will the situation be improved by her getting rid of the child inside her? Is the morality of the decision more important than details of her circumstances? …Now, let's say she has it and the kid grows up and commits a murder and is sentenced to death. Does he deserve being extinguished now because of his heinous act where he didn’t when he was a baby? Can he still not find salvation and redemption after the act and isn’t that possibility worth letting him live?

Finally, can you be Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty or Pro-Abortion/Anti-Death Penalty? Do you truly know why you believe what you do or do you just believe it.


Alton Foley said...

Without going into detail that would require a whole 'nother blog post, it is simply a question of "innocence", in my opinion.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

a valid POV Alton (and one, in principle, I tend to agree with).... With these posts I'm just trying to stimulate people to think more in depth about what they believe in....we need to foster, in this country, the ability to civilly debate issues, prejudices, views and gray areas with those we may agree with and disagree with, without resorting to name calling and wild exaggerations (like calling a person a nazi, racist or commie

Anonymous said...

I'm against abortion because it is a scientific fact that life for most animals begins at fertilization. Pre-born children, babies, and young children are innocent of ethical or moral guilt of any kind. Since I beleive that innocent life should be respected I can not condone the killing of an innocent child born or pre-born.
This belief encompasses all animal human and non-human. Adult humans have a very high capacity for intelligence and understanding of moral issues, therefor we can be held morally responsible when we knowingly and willingly harm another being without thoroughly good cause. So I do beleive that the Death Penalty is Just when applied to mentally competent adults.

Dan said...

To me, Abortion & Capital Punishment are the same issue, and I'm frustrated with the lack of attention on the reliable inconsistency in both national parties.
Choosing either a faith based route, or a constitutional one, I come to the same place. Constitutionally, we hold that all have the right to "life, liberty ..." And if your faith tells you that life is sacred, aren't they the same?
Ultimately, I believe that is beyond human capacity of understanding to justly determine which lives have value and which lives do not. In both the case of abortion and capital punishment, we as wo/men make judgments on the rights of a life to continue or not. In one case it may be out of convenience for our own continued existence, the other may stem from retribution or vengeance. But aren't they the same?
The creator, in whatever form you hold it to be, is the only being capable of making these decisions. Terminating a pregnancy to protect & serve our interests may rob the earth of a prime contributor to its best interests. Capital punishment can do the same. Aside from the issue of ultimate guilt or innocence, the value of an individual even while incarcerated may be invisible to us .. but may regardless could have positive impact on a single person or society.
I for one find these issues to be 2 versions of the same question: Are we capable of correctly determining the value of another human life? I believe it to be outside our capabilities and knowledge to do so.