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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Paula is CRAAAAZY!

Straight up now tell me..tell me that Paula Abdoul is not insane, drunk, inhaling hair spray fumes or just stupid...From the New York Post:

There she was on Tuesday night. Looking like a character in a dubbed Japanese movie whose lips don't match the dialogue, Paula suffered a full-blown brain seizure, live on national television. ...As the show's final five contestants looked on, visibly confused, as Simon Cowell giggled and Ryan Seacrest shuffled, Paula babbled incoherently about Jason Castro - the dreadlocked disaster and certain "Idol" loser. ...Paula lobbed harsh words at Jason. The goofy queen of nice criticized the two songs she'd heard him perform that were penned by croon-meister Neil Diamond. Unfortunately, Paula is the only person in this universe or any other to have heard Jason sing two songs. He'd executed a single tune. ..."Oh my God!" Paula wailed. "I thought you - thought you sang twice!" ...Double vision is a troubling thing. Double hearing is a cry for exorcism. ...Paula has turned into a one-woman disaster zone. Last year, we watched as she nearly fell of the set during a live interview - a hysterical scene she blamed on prescription pain medication. ...Three years ago, a booted "Idol" contestant accused Paula, then 40, of bedding him when he was a 22-year-old struggling singer. Oh no! ...The show took the allegations so seriously it conducted an investigation, but concluded that "insufficient evidence" existed to prove that "communications" between Paula and her alleged paramour helped him get ahead in the competition.

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