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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The one thing you have to say about Rev. Sharpton, He's persistent

From the AP:

A day after his carefully orchestrated protests briefly blocked rush- hour traffic, the Rev. Al Sharpton on Thursday promised to stage another mass protest over three police detectives' acquittals in the 50-bullet killing of an unarmed man. ...the next protest is planned somewhere in New York City within seven to 10 days, said Charlie King, acting national director of Sharpton's National Action Network. He said no other details would be released until next week. ...
"Yesterday was the beginning of a long and sustained campaign of civil disobedience," King said. ...Sharpton, two survivors of the shooting, the slain man's fiancee and more than 200 other demonstrators were arrested Wednesday after they blocked traffic at the Brooklyn Bridge, the Holland Tunnel and other major transportation arteries. ...The protests were aimed at getting the U.S. attorney's office to pursue civil rights charges against the undercover detectives, who were acquitted of wrongdoing in the shooting last month in state court. Federal prosecutors are reviewing the case but declined to comment Thursday.

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