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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jim Gilmore Notes Mark Warner's Lack of Substance on Issues Impacting Working Virginians

Jim Gilmore Notes Mark Warner's Lack of Substance
on Issues Impacting Working Virginians

Alexandria - Citing a stunning lack of substance on policy matters during Mark Warner's campaign kick-off earlier this week, former Governor Jim Gilmore today inquired, "Where does Mark Warner stand on the issues of the day? Does he believe he can hide his radical positions on the issues impacting working Virginians all the way to Election Day?"

On Monday, May 5th, the Virginian Pilot reported: "Advisers said he [Mark Warner] will begin to assert policy positions during his three-day swing across Virginia."

"Three days later and after another round of lavish campaign spending, Virginians were yet again left wondering, where's the beef? What if any policy initiatives is Mark Warner proposing to reduce the price of gas, reduce the burden of high taxes or get government spending under control?", said Gilmore. "Even the Virginia media gets this: Mark Warner does not want to talk about the important issues facing working Virginia families."

"[Mark] Warner offered little in the way of policies during a 20-minute speech..." (Virginian Pilot, 5/5/08)

"He [Mark Warner] favors creating "clean energy jobs" although he didn't specify how." (Free Lance-Star, 5/6/08)

"In his remarks Sunday night, [Mark] Warner's only touched briefly on his Senate campaign issues." (Washington Post, 5/7/08)

"The Democrat barnstormed in Virginia's four largest population centers amid...only cursory clues about how he [Mark Warner] plans to accomplish his lofty goals." (Virginian Pilot, 5/6/08)

"Please tell us Mark Warner, where do you stand on:

· Sen. Obama's plan to increase the payroll tax?
· Sen. Obama's plan to increase the capital gains tax back to 30%?
· Sen. Obama's plan to befriend sworn foreign enemies of the U.S.?
· Sen. Clinton's plan to garnish wages to provide universal health care?
· Sen. Clinton's plan to grant legal status to all illegal immigrants?

1 comment:

Isophorone said...

Warner is for all the leftist stuff you asked about. However, he will dodge, evade, and lie to make sure that the voters don't pick up on it.

I think that Gilmore and/or Marshall should be talking about the "Obama-Warner tax hike" as part of the campaign. In fact, "Obama-Warner" anything that is unpopular.