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Friday, May 30, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

In the Letters to the Editor Section of the Suffolk News-Herald, the Editor made a decision to allow a false inaccurate hit piece to be printed about Congressman Randy Forbes.

Bearing Drift first wrote on this story a few days ago. Link here:

The fat cat mouth breathing Editor of the Editorial Page at the Suffolk News-Herald took off the C-PAP machine, walked to the chair, sat down in front of the computer, ignored the posterior bed sore pain, and managed to authorize what many will consider to be a Pulitzer worthy piece to be printed in his/her paper. The only problem is that THE EDITOR DID NOT CHECK HIS/HER/IT'S FACTS PRIOR TO PRINTING THIS LETTER.

This COPD afflicted, non prom date having, Chef-Boyardee eating, non Grass Cutting Editor thought it was appropriate to run a letter called "Forbes misusing taxpayer dollars" link here:

Apparently, ignorance is the price of admission to write a letter to the editor of the Suffolk News-Herald. Blind ignorance, coupled with the failure to check the logical veracity of an allegation, is the apparent threshold that the Editor at the Suffolk News-Herald uses to successfully determine if a letter gets printed. Bravo. Mission Accomplished you Toads.

Here is the letter, in all of its beauty:

Forbes misusing taxpayer dollars

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 9:37 PM CDT

Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,I am writing to you today to express concern and ask to make a formal inquiry into my Congressman, Randy Forbes of the 4th Congressional District.Ms. Pelosi, I recently wrote a letter to my Congressional Representatives-Forbes, Senators Warner & Webb asking them to look into why my postal service delivery is so erratic, sometimes delivery at noon other times at 6:15 p.m. As a small business owner, whose office is in my home, I depend on mail service to conduct a portion of my business, as well as for personally paying my bills.My concern is that Randy Forbes, sent me two notices separately asking me to complete a privacy authorization which include my contact information, as well as my social security number. I have never in all my years of grassroots activism had any representative ask for this information. In fact, I would venture to say that this borders on a gross violation of my privacy. Now, I know he's up for re-election, unfortunately.

I've been a supporter of Congressman Norman Sisisky, the former 4th District Congressman who was a wonderful, caring man who represented the 4th district well! In Virginia we're fortunate to have great senators representing us as well as a very committed and caring congressman representing the 3rd Congressional District, Bobby Scott. Certainly, I am tempted to move into that district in the near future.Ms. Pelosi, I've lobbied the VA legislature as well as Congress, having led the effort to amend Virginia's Constitution from 1990-1995. The amendment passed successfully in 1994. I have worked with folks from both sides of the aisle and am not partisan in anyway, unlike Randy Forbes. Additionally, in 1993, I successfully garnered passage through Congress of a Senate Resolution as well as a Presidential Proclamation, therefore I know and understand the art of compromise in order to create viable legislative solutions.I very much appreciate your prompt attention in focusing and investigating Congressman Forbes gross misuse of his position as my representative as well as a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars. Does Randy Forbes really think that his citizens are this stupid? It is evident he is just trying to suppress us and build a web of information similar to what was described in the book "1984" by George Orwell. Dulaney Collins, President Virginia Aqua Massage Inc.

First, in order for a Congressional Office to conduct an inquiry into a constituent request, the constituent must fill out and complete an authorization that GRANTS the Congressman permission to conduct the inquiry. This release is necessary to comply with the provisions of the Federal Privacy Act. The writer of this letter, Dulaney Collins, fails to realize that the Office of his beloved Congressman Scott REQUIRES THE SAME AUTHORIZATIONS AS CONGRESSMAN FORBES to conduct an inquiry on behalf of a constituent. Just go and check out Congressman Scott's website to verify this--obviously, the Editor of the Suffolk News Herald didn't bother to do this. Mr. Aqua Massage says, "My concern is that Randy Forbes, sent me two notices separately asking me to complete a privacy authorization which include my contact information, as well as my social security number. I have never in all my years of grassroots activism had any representative ask for this information."

Funny, but Congressman Bobby Scott's Office requires the same privacy authorizations to act on a constituent request. So, not only is this letter a sloppily written inaccurate portrayal of the necessary authorizations to conduct an inquiry that comports with the law, but, even more troubling, this letter was printed by a MAINSTREAM MEDIA Tidewater newspaper. The Suffolk News-Herald failed to even check out Congressman Scott's home page to co-oberate that his office requires the same authorizations as Congressman Forbes does when conducting inquiries on behalf of constituents.

Lazy Editor? Yes. Mouth Breathing Fat Cat Mainstream Media Type? Yes.

Sensational contrived headline specifically developed by the Editor of the Suffolk News-Herald that is designed to imply something that isn't there? Absolutely. Ethical? Not whatsoever.

Any wonder why the print media is breathing its last breath? I guess they really do need
the C-PAP machine after all. The death of an industry isn't pretty, but is it too much to ask for ethics, honesty, and allegation verification as they gluttonously gobble down their last self important breath?

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