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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I swear this Primary/Election could not get any weirder.....I think I just jinxed myself

I like Rush and he is one of the five reasons I probably am a conservative (mad props to the man seriously) but the picture of Limbaugh and Hillary as couple makes me shiver in fright...that would be one unattractive couple I must say. I swear this election could not get any weirder.....I think I just jinxed myself. From the transcripts of Rush's show:

RUSH: Now, this crush business, ladies and gentlemen, I think I understand it now. I do. Mrs. Clinton is saying I have a crush on her. Obviously they think this in the Clinton household. So this probably explains why Bill Clinton hit on my date at the Kobe Club in New York last year. He used the mayor of Los Angeles to distract me while he came along and started chatting up my date. Then he brought Ron Burkle over to distract me, and he came over to the table three times. (doing Clinton impression) "Hey, Limbaugh, you're looking really good." I shook his hand, he left, comes back, the mayor of Los Angeles, I thought it was a Secret Service agent, maybe a shoeshine guy. Turns out he gives me his card, I said, "Oh, my gosh, it's the mayor of Los Angeles." I stood up, I said, "Hello, Mr. Villaraigosa." We started chatting, a minute later I took a glance to the left and Clinton's face is two inches from my date's. I was distracted. So obviously Clinton has known of this in the household of the Clintons, that I had a crush on his wife. He probably heard that sound bite on January 10th, (doing Clinton impression) "My God, nobody's ever called her sexy. What the hell's going on here?" This is her way of thanking me, by the way, for Operation Chaos.
RUSH: I just got a note from Cookie up in New York. "I'm worried," she says. "You did not deny the crush on Hillary." I wrote her back, you know, an instant message abbreviation, "LOL" for "laughing out loud." She writes back, "I'm serious. This could hurt you."

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